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filly 9 days old
Whyneemah Khezia foaled a chestnut turning grey filly by Whyneemah Jarebb, filly has been named Whyneemah Khira
colt 1 day old
COOLAROO CRYSTAL ECLIPES foaled a upstanding chestnut turning grey colt with lots of chrome.
it is with much sadness that I report that the beautiful mare WHYNEEMAH  KHALI
has passed way. R.I.P. lovely old girl 

Whyneemah Jedda foaled a chestnut turning grey filly to Shahira it is I by Hillbrook Drifter. Owners are very pleased with the filly.


filly 1 day old

Whyneemah Khezia foaled a chestnut, turning grey filly, both mum and bub doing well. I have named the filly W. Khateefa


Whyneemah Jarebb's second foal for the season, a chestnut turning grey colt, arrived on the 30/10/09 to the mare Coolaroo Crystal Eclipse, her owners are very pleased with him.



Sadly I had to have W. Kheisha laid to rest, as she broke her leg. R.I.P. sweet filly



photo credit Ivahri Arabians

Whyneemah Khali foaled a chestnut turning grey colt for Ivahri Arabians. Colt has been named Ivahri Silver Tempest




filly 9 hours old

W. Khezia foaled a chestnut, turning grey filly, both mum and bub doing well. I have named the filly W. Kheisha



 This year the sale of W. Khezebb and W. Kharissa  the last of my sale horses.

No Mares were bred in 2006 year due to my health however W. Khezia has been bred back to W. Jarebb in 2007 for an October foal.

Pleasing results from UAE with 2 of Jarebb's sons placing in the top 50 successful endurance horses. W. Jaspah and W. Jataan are full brothers being out of the beautiful mare Whyneemah Taani by Benghazi. 




photo filly one day old

 On the 29th November Khezia foaled a chestnut going grey filly by W. Jarebb, and what a beauty. this is Khezia's first filly and Jarebb's second filly this year after a filly drought of 9 years for him. I have yet to decide on a name for this little filly. I have just decided on a name for the little one, Whyneemah Kharissa 




4 weeks old

I receaved news from Lee Learhinan, Osterley Anna's new owner, that Anna had  foaled, and that it was a filly by Whyneemah Jarebb. this is Jarebb's first filly in 9 years and also Anna's first filly. Wonderful news, waiting on a name for her.



photo 1 day old

  Whyneemah Jedda foaled another chestnut filly by Fenwick Silver Shadow, this being Shadows last foal for this stud. At this time I don't know if she will turn grey. This little girl has been named Whyneemah Rasheeka 




photo 4 days old

24/11/05 W.Khezia foaled a chestnut going grey colt which I named Whyneemah Khaleb




photo 1 day old

2/08/05 saw the arrival of Fenwick Silver Shadows first foals for the stud W. Jedda has had a chestnut filly, unsure if she will turn grey at this time. This is my first filly in 5 years and also Jedda first filly. I am thrilled with her quality and I have named her W. Liana (Lu Lu)



photo 1 day old

2/09/05  W. Khali also had a chestnut filly by F. Silver Shadow. lots of white and will turn grey, also a quality filly. I have named her W. Leila 




photo 1 day old

6/04/05 Osterley Anna foaled a chestnut colt which I named Whyneemah Faheed. Due to Anna foaling so late in the season I have not rebred her this year and will put her with W. Jarebb in September 05



Khezia had her second foal, a chestnut going grey colt, by Jarebb,
I am extremely pleased with him, I have named him Khezebb.

Photos Khezia and colt 1 day old.


I have only had one foal for the 2003 season.

28/01/04 Osterley Anna had a beautiful bay colt by Jarebb which I have named Rabbani.
Anna and Khezia have both returned to Jarebb for 2004 foals.
Fenwick Silver Shadow is running with the mares W. Khali and W. Jedda.



W.Khezia has had her first foal, a premmie colt foaled on the 28/02/03.After spending 3 days in intensive care at Canberra Vet Hospital

Mum and bub returned home and are progressing well. I’ve named the colt W.Jameel




                  SIRE                                                    DAM                        

  MUSIC MAN             X           WHYNEEMAH JEDDA

On the 4/03/03 Jeddi has gone to his new home, he has been sold to SH. Ahmad bin Humaid Al Nuaimi.



On the 31/10/02 Osterley Anna had a chestnut colt by Jarebb. I've named him W. Abu



October 02

W. Uriah was sold to Dianne Burns of Mona Vale, he has been gelded and Joins W. Azur. Best of luck with him Dianne.

I have purchased the weanling pure crabbet colt Fenwick Silver Shadow (Fenwick Rendevous x Fenwick Silver Charm), he has arrived here safely and is settling in well. W. Jeddi has been weaned and is a friend for Shadow.

I have recently sold my share in the 5 years old Whyneemah Jair to Shirley Beresford who will continue with his endurance training, and hopefully he will soon be out and about the endurance rides. Good luck with him Shirley.

I have received news that another W. Jarebb son, W. Shahmir has been sold to the UAE as he’s going well in endurance.

Mares due to foal in 2002 Osterley Anna and W. Khezia are both running with W. Jarebb, so hopefully will both have foals this coming foaling season.

Foaling for 2001 W. Jedda had a big bold, chestnut turning gray, colt by Music Man (Mustifa x Devotion) he is to be gelded and should make a top class heavyweight endurance prospect he was named W. Jeddi