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Friday 16-Apr-21 22:12:31 EDT
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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19 //Taryn Cooper

Thursday 04-Mar-10 22:59:32 EST
Monday, March 7th 2005 - 11:51:48 AM

//Taryn Cooper

hey i own one of whyneemas sons. his name is Jarebb and he was bought by someone in goulburn and then my mum got him of them and i got him for my birthday!
18 Debbie Fletcher

Wednesday 24-Feb-10 19:08:42 EST
Wednesday, January 26th 2005 - 02:19:27 PM

Dropped by for another visit and to see your foal crop for 2004/5. Unfortunately there are no updates. :( Hope all is well and you have had much success in the last year. Best wishes, Deb
17 //sandra

Wednesday 24-Feb-10 19:04:00 EST
Friday, January 21st 2005 - 05:56:24 PM



loved your site hope you can come and visit my dogs and horses
16 //Raini

Wednesday 24-Feb-10 19:01:31 EST
Saturday, November 6th 2004 - 12:18:34 AM



Hi, Returned for another look through. Do you have any foals due this season? I have a new site up ready for viewing and invite you to visit with us. Kind regards, Raini
15 //Raini

Wednesday 24-Feb-10 18:58:21 EST
Friday, September 3rd 2004 - 10:32:07 AM



Hi Margaret, Visiting again in the hope of viewing updates. I am not disappointed. Very refreshing! I have also updated and have new paintings listed within our gallery and new addition pages. All the best for the remainder of 2004. Regards, Raini
14 julie

Tuesday 23-Feb-10 23:02:34 EST
Thursday, July 22nd 2004 - 07:29:57 PM



Great site!You have lovely horses.I have admired them for years.Best of luck for the future.
13 //Esme Ludbrook & Maidlin Archie

Tuesday 23-Feb-10 22:59:29 EST
Monday, May 3rd 2004 - 03:06:14 PM

//Esme Ludbrook & Maidlin Archie

Love the pictures of Whyneema Shimona and Benghazi and just think now you will be able to have some more Benghazi and Shimona foals now that you have Whyneema Ghazia back on your farm after 20 years. Also loved the photo of Katrina on Jarebb. When she comes back out she will be able to ride Ghazia. She had better come soon. Great job on the web site Karl keep up the good work.
12 Debbie

Monday 22-Feb-10 19:02:55 EST
Sunday, March 14th 2004 - 10:04:57 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed your site, very easy to navigate and loaded easily! Loved your mare Linden Silsila. Please feel free to visit with us and sign our Guestbook or submit your website on our links page. All the best, Debbie
11 Anne M Garrison

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:59:46 EST
Tuesday, January 6th 2004 - 07:36:42 AM

Anne M Garrison

Great Pictures
10 Tony Forrest

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:55:06 EST
Tuesday, //Tony Forrest


Great site. Enjoyed my visit very much and hope you'll come and visit ours. Anything you need to know about horses, free classifieds, listings and events. Come and log yourself in at http://www.horsebazaar.com/ and enter your own listing on our site for free. Regards Tony ForrestJune 17th 2003 - 01:25:08 PM
9 Sarah

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:51:53 EST
Wednesday, May //Sarah

Dear Margaret, My mare (whom I have had for the past 8 years) is a part-bred who was sired by jarebb. I have only seen him for the first time on these pages and was thrilled to see what a great looking horse he is! Best wishes, Sarah

28th 2003 - 09:28:23 PM
8 Katrina

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:48:33 EST
Wednesday, April 30//Katrina

Love the web site. Great job Karl. The slide show is wonderful. I especially like the picture of young jareeb with me riding him :) Keep up the wonderful work. Whyneemah arabians are the best. Katrina

th 2003 - 09:57:06 PM
7 Raini

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:42:44 EST
Saturday, April //Raini

Congratulations on years of fine breeding....wishing you the best for the future. 26th 2003 - 12:39:21 AM
6 amy harris

Monday 22-Feb-10 18:38:58 EST
Wednesday, April 2nd 2//amy harris

Hi Margaret, i spoke on the phone with you a few weeks back about your stallion W.Jarebb. I have the Hamana grandaughter that i want to commence breeding with. i rang the day you brought home your premmie foal fantastic too see the photos on your website of him looking well. all the best amy harris

003 - 09:53:32 PM
5 Willow

Saturday 20-Feb-10 19:01:47 EST
Thursday, March 27th 2003 - 09:59:08 AM


Dear Margaret, I must congratulate you on the superb job you have done by breeding such fine examples of the Arabian horse. I am impressed by both the pedigrees of your horses as well as their type. I'm sure you will agree that one element of that equation does not necessarily ensure the other. I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you soon. Kindest Regards, Willow.
4 Amelia Hardaker

Saturday 15-Aug-09 23:57:12 EDT
Friday, March 21st 2003 - 10:38:05 AM

//Amelia Hardaker

just letting you know that i own an 18yo Khawal X W Nahama gelding, W Nehemiah
3 Debbie Fletcher

Saturday 15-Aug-09 23:55:35 EDT
Tuesday, March 11th 2003 - 08:10:01 PM

//Debbie Fletcher


Congratulations on a lovely website. I also have started out my Arabian journey with a Linden mare...please feel free to visit with us and place your site on our links page!! :)
2 Jennifer Gilbertson

Saturday 15-Aug-09 23:53:56 EDT
Monday, October 28th 2002 - 09:24:51 PM

//Jennifer Gilbertson

Nice horses, very interesting
1 maryann schuemaker

Saturday 15-Aug-09 23:52:05 EDT
Wednesday, October 23rd 2002 - 03:26:33 PM

//maryann schuemaker

dont no if you remember me I brought whyneemah ezekeil of you 20 years ago he is still fighting fit living in QLD now best horse I have ever had